Imagine sitting down. Putting your feet up.

We understand that your furniture is there when you make your own precious memories. It’s there when you host your dinner parties and discuss future plans with your children. Our goal is to help you create beautiful and comfortable living spaces to build those memories in. 

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Match or accent your interior decor 

We also want to make sure that what you get is, well, you. Our furniture is customizable according to your preferences and taste. You may like the vibrancy and warmth of earth colors or the sunshine of summer months or the quiet neutrality of beige or grey. Whatever your preference we can always help you with choosing the right fabric or leather cover for the mood you’d like to create. 

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When you dream about the ideal recliner.

Find a product that resonates with your unique style and personality. 

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Endless possibilities to shape your dream home

KEBE designs are the proud work of some of the most talented furniture designers we work with all over the world. We are inspired most by Scandinavian styles although we sometimes combine their simplicity with modern trends in innovative ways. With an eye for aesthetics and attention to quality we create furniture which will see you through many happy moments in your life. 

Lucca Modular Sofa System

The perfect lounging space for you and yours

Our sofa collection is made with a solid hardwood frame and especially upholstered cushions. We focus on creating sofas that are beautiful and functional and make the perfect lounging spaces for you and yours. 

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How we help you unlock your dreams

KEBE modern lifestyle

KEBE Modern Lifestyle recliners are made in the true Scandinavian tradition which combines functionality and style. We know we are creating pieces of furniture for your home. We craft them with the same care as we would for our own homes.

KEBE dynamic lifestyle

Our Dynamic Lifestyle collection is an innovative approach to comfort. This recliner collection has a patented system with a unique glide path. As you recline you get a natural feeling of sinking into the chair as it tilts in sync with the back. 

Around the dining room table

The laughter and clinking glasses. Enveloped in comfortable shapes and fabrics. Dining room candles and beautiful chairs. Your lifestyle deserves beautiful furniture in every room of your home.

Our dining chairs collection ranges from the retro-inspired to the very minimalist Scandinavian designs. To soft and round shapes inspired by nature. 

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The icing on the cake to your interior design

Inspired by organic shapes our elegant lounge chairs can emphasize your personal style in its own language. Or give character to your existing décor by standing out. Either way you will have the perfect spot to kick back and put your feet up anytime you feel like it. 

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For every room in your home

We design unique chairs and sofas with slim and aesthetic elegance to help you express your personal style in every room of your home. We wish to bring you only the best our 40 years of creative craftsmanship can.

KEBE was born in Denmark and our love of nature and the natural order of things inspires us both in design and awareness of the environment.  We have a company-wide sustainability policy and the materials used to make our products are renewable. 

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When you need the perfect    lounging spot

Match or accent your home décor with an amazingly comfortable chair.

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Beautiful look meets functional design

Lilly Chair

The organic shapes of our elegant lounge chairs can give character to your existing décor by standing out. The round contour of Lilly's design creates a very welcoming place to sit. The swivel base allows you to turn any direction you wish while sitting. You can use it anywhere you need extra flexibility as well as comfort.

Ergo Low Chair

The Ergo Low is a very convenient medium-sized chair, which will not overwhelm any space you put it in. Featuring a stable swivel base, this chair gives you the freedom to turn in any direction you wish while seated. This chair's shape is truly Scandinavian and very welcoming in its design and amount of padding.  

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