Natural beauty

Leather is loved by many for its flexibility and durability.

Full-grain leather has two finished product types; aniline and semi-aniline. Aniline leather is the most desirable finish in the manufacture of leather. Semi-aniline has a thin protective coat, which shields it from staining and wearing out.


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Our leather types


 Club Royal 

Semi-aniline Club Royal is an aniline-dyed leather coated with a thin finish in order to protect the colour. The leather is smooth and is able to “breathe” and absorb humidity. Being a full-grain leather it has a natural surface. Soft and comfortable feel semi-aniline leather with a semi-matte appearance and supple touch.

Type: semi-aniline
Thickness: 1,6 mm-1,8 mm
Light fastness: 5

All colors



Semi-aniline Balder is a slightly corrected semi-aniline leather with a soft touch.The hide is printed with a rustic structure which accentuates the character of the leather.

Type: semi-aniline
Thickness: 1,3 mm-1,5 mm
Light fastness: 4-5

All colors



Reno is leather of exotic hides, chromium-tanned, lightly tanned with vegetable ingredients thereafter, dyed in a barrel, and polished. The specific effect is achieved by finishing the leather with paraffin, oil and aniline.

Thickness: 1,2 - 1,4 mm
Light fastness: 3

All colors

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Soft leather is a corrected grain where most scars and marks have been removed from the surface. The leather is easy to maintain due to a protective layer of finish and is particularly suitable for families with children.

Thickness: 0,9 – 1,1 mm
Light fastness: 4

All colors



The leather is a natural material and as such may have some imperfections in the form of insect bite marks, birthmarks, or slight stretch marks - these are the ones that make every hide unique. With regular use, wrinkles may also appear, which is normal and considered part of the charm that characterizes genuine leather.

 Delicate & tender

Reno is the kind of leather that captures and preserves cherished moments with you. Its subtle and delicate surface reflects the passage of time, resulting in a unique rustic aesthetic that is truly one-of-a-kind.

This sensitivity is attributed to its open structure, which allows for potential changes in both color and texture during the production or usage process.
As a result, variations in color and grain are to be expected and accepted for this type of leather.

Impacts such as knocks, scratches, hornet bites, and veins will be visibly present to some extent, contributing to the leather's distinctive character.

Maintenance: The end-user can brush the leather off and on with a dry cloth. The leather may not be treated in any case whatsoever with soap or other detergents. The use of maintenance products is at your own risk.



At KEBE we make sure our leather comes only from certified, trusted sources and that no animal was harmed with the pure purpose of making our furniture. We use recycled materials from relatable providers.
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