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The Kebe world of chairs

At Kebe you can always find a product that resonates with your unique style and personality. Are you redecorating your living room? We have a great selection of elegant recliners and comfortable lounge chairs. If you are looking to accent your dining table we can help with our stylish dining chairs collection. 

Whatever your preference we can always help you with choosing the right fabric or leather cover for the mood you’d like to create. There are many options of fabrics and colors to choose from and all come from the best European suppliers. 

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Scandinavian tradition of beauty and functionality

Kebe recliners are made in the true Scandinavian tradition which combines functionality and style. We work to a high quality standard and we design our furniture to be beautiful. Our dynamic foam gives our chairs just the right combination of softness and firmness for optimum comfort. All Kebe recliners are customizable with many different options of bases, fabrics and colors to choose from.

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How we help you unlock your dreams

Kebe modern lifestyle

Kebe Modern Lifestyle recliners are made in the true Scandinavian tradition which combines functionality and style. We know we are creating pieces of furniture for your home. We craft them with the same care as we would for our own homes.

Kebe dynamic lifestyle

Our Dynamic Lifestyle collection is an innovative approach to comfort. This recliner collection has a patented system with a unique glide path. As you recline you get a natural feeling of sinking into the chair as it tilts in sync with the back. 

When you dream about the perfect recliner.

Our recliner collection is rather extensive to allow you to find a recliner that suits you perfectly. Some people may prefer a wider seat. For others the tilt system will feel more right. 

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Shaped for taste and pleasure

Our dining chair collection is completely unique when it comes to comfort and design.  Our dynamic foam makes all the difference. This material is the reason our chairs retain their shape and flexibility year after year. We have a wide range of available fabrics and colors: these are chairs for any home, whether you are into neutral shades or vibrant tones. You are sure to find chairs that suit your taste and look right at home in your dining room.

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Give character to your existing décor 

Kebe lounge chairs are made for life - not only comfortable but very durable as well.  They will see you through many special moments in your life while remaining as elegant and cozy as the day you first bought them. A well-placed beautifully designed chair brings your space together and can be a topic of conversation when guests come over. Create that desired comfortable atmosphere in your home!

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When you dream about a stylish home

Outfit your dining table, accent your study with a great lounge chair or find that perfect recliner for the living room. Browse our chairs collection!

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Soft, round shape enveloping your body. Your moment. In your space. Secured by our 10-year warranty on the dynamic foam upholstery, the springs and inner frame.