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Modern Lifestyle Recliners

Designed for modern life

Our Modern Lifestyle recliners are made for everyday use, so wear-resistance and comfort are key considerations for us in their design and production. We unite comfort, durability and style using our special  dynamic foam as well as the latest production methods. Our dynamic foam is the key factor in our products’ level of comfort. 

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Shaped for comfort

Furniture is a natural part of today’s way of living; we love to surround ourselves with beautiful things. We also want those beautiful things to last and remain comfortable, day after day.  All KEBE products undergo thorough testing prior to release so they are consistent in quality with a long service life.

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Made for life

At the heart of our business is your comfort presented in a beautiful design and meant to last a lifetime. Our designers and upholsterers take pride in complete mastery of their craft and their creativity is expressed in several collections each year. We dare to play with classic and contemporary styles, and even mix them all together in innovative ways. 

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Beautiful look meets functional design

Ergo Recliner

KEBE Modern Lifestyle recliners are made in the true Scandinavian tradition which combines functionality and style. We know we are creating pieces of furniture for your home. We craft them with the same care as we would for our own homes. The Ergo recliner, designed by KEBE, is perfect for everyday use and shaped for comfort.

Fox Recliner

The Fox recliner is the perfect chair to rest in style in the comfort of your own home. Designed by Jacob Würtzen, the Fox features a swivel seat and is fully customizable with your choice of colors and fabrics. It swivels and reclines through a push-back motion for the most comfortable support position for your back. 

When you dream about the ideal recliner.

No matter which KEBE recliner catches your eye know that each will offer exactly the support you need. Our dynamic foam gives our chairs just the right combination of softness and firmness for optimum comfort. 

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Ever since we crafted our first chair in 1978 we have worked hard to find new ways to make better products that last longer.