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Dining enveloped in beautiful shapes and fabrics

Perfectly contoured in well thought out shapes, KEBE dining chairs are the chairs you stay seated in. The chairs that prolong the good meal and the good talk. Each is unique in its design but all provide optimum comfort so you can enjoy time spent with your loved ones around the dining room table. 

The dining collection ranges from the retro-inspired to the very minimalist Scandinavian designs. To soft and round shapes inspired by nature. You are sure to find the chair that suits your taste and looks right at home in your dining room.

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For the laughter and clinking glasses

The dining chairs in our collection are completely unique when it comes to comfort and design.  Our dynamic foam makes all the difference. This material is the reason our chairs retain their shape and flexibility year after year. 

The same goes for the wide range of available colors: these are chairs for any home, whether you are into neutral shades or pan colors. Wool, leather, regenerated cotton and durable polyester fabrics - it's taste and pleasure! 

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When you dream about elegance in the dining room

Your lifestyle deserves beautiful furniture for every day breakfasts and Sunday dinner parties. Our dining collection exudes quiet Scandinavian elegance to enhance all your dining experiences.

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Perfectly set dining table. Delicious meal. Easy conversation. Enveloped in comfortable shapes and fabrics. Secured by our 10-year warranty on the upholstery, springs and inner frame.