Gro Sofa

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Earth · Forest · Gro Outdoor Sofa · Antracite

W: 161.0 cm / D: 74.0 cm / H: 74.0 cm

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Upholstery: 432438 - Earth/Forest

Base type B2 - Gro Outdoor Sofainfo

Base color 10 - Antraciteinfo


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Gro Sofa

The Gro sofa's allure is its Scandinavian style and timeless craftsmanship of Kebe products - it is  beautifully functional. This sofa, designed by  Hans Thyge Raunkjær, has a simple geometric shape and a cup shaped seating area with armrests on both sides. While it can comfortably sit three people it is not a huge piece of furniture and fits well in smaller interiors. The premium craftsmanship of this well designed furniture guarantees you will enjoy many comfortable family moments with it. The Gro Sofa carries a 10-year warranty on the dynamic foam, springs and inner frame. 

About our dynamic foam

In order to ensure that our products are extremely long-lasting and exceptionally comfortable, we utilize a substance known as cold-cure foam. This particular material is the key factor behind our chairs' ability to maintain their shape and flexibility over extended periods of time. The foam contains really small air pockets, resembling tiny bubbles within its denser composition, which contribute to the ideal level of firmness. Following the shaping of the foam, we meticulously hand-sew the covering to ensure a perfect fit. The outcome? Chairs that exude elegance from every angle and are resistant to sagging.

This is what guarantees enduring comfort, starting from the moment you receive your chair and continuing for many years to come.

10 years warranty

All our chairs are secured by our 10-year warranty on the dynamic upholstery foam, the springs, and the inner frame.



Product name Gro Sofa Metal
Product number 29410B2432438
Product Group Description Sofa
Height 74.0 cm
Depth 74.0 cm
Volume 1.06
SeatingHeight 45.0 cm
Width 161.0 cm
Seating Depth 48.0 cm


Product name Gro Sofa Metal
Color group Green
Color Forest
Fabric name Earth
Fabric name Fabric
Composition 100% recycled PET
LightFastness 5
Pilling 4/5